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Hello hello hello lovely inhabitants of the internet! I'm Lissa! I'm a very nice, completely sane person, I swear.

*hurriedly shoves weapons of mass destruction behind me* Ahem

So... I guess I don't really have much to talk about right now, for this first post. I'm very awkward. In the future you can expect book reviews, me yabbering endlessly about my stories, music suggestions, excessive fangirling, and many, many, many cups of coffee.

*listens to the crickets*

Ah well.

About me!

As said, my name is Lissa, and I'm a teen author who is somewhat unhealthily obsessed with music and cats, and, obviously, coffee. I usually write fantasy and dystopia, but I sometimes veer into romance. *coughs* I have a bad habit of creating way too many characters to keep track of (like, seriously way too many) and I also tend to end up killing my beloved children.

*innocently whistles in evil author*

Well, I'm not actually that interesting *laughs nervously* but I hope you'll stick around anyway! It's nice to meet you!


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