Hi there! My name is Lissa, and I am the esteemed (I think) owner of this oh so lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by! I am a Christ-fearing teenage author who loves music, coffee, cats, music, culture, music, cultural music, music about cats, music made by cats- you know what, I'm pretty sure if safe to say that I love music quite a hecking lot. I enjoy writing fantasy and dystopias, usually with to many characters to keep track of, and of course I like making soft villains. Nothing is more terrifying than a soft villain.
Oh, and I'm insane. Absolutely, 100% insane.
Thanks again for checking out my blog! Feel free to stay a while, we have coffee and cookies that I'm maybe 87.9% sure aren't poisoned. Maybe.

(The picture on the homepage does not belong to me, I got it off Pintrest. Credits to Madalina Archiudean)